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1KW Off Grid Solar Power DIY System

R21,735.00  Inc Tax
Nominal power of PV system (W) 1080W
Daily output power (KWH) 3Kwh
Item Module Specification Warranty Quantity
Solar Panels 270P Power:270W; Polycrystalline solar panel,
Voc:38.1V; Isc:9.1A; Vmp:31V; Imp:8.71A
A Grade solar cell,18.6% module efficiency
25 Years 4 Pc’s
Inverter & Controller 1.0Kva AC output Voltage:220V/110V±3%
Max. PV input power:1440W
PV input voltage range:30V~90V
Max. PV input current:50A
AC city power charger voltage range:175V~270V
Rated battery voltage:24V
Rated Grid Frequency:50Hz/60Hz±1%
Pure sine wave
2 Years 1 Pc
Battery 12V100AH Maintenance-free lead-gel batteries 3 Years 2 Pc’s
Mounting Bracket FY-Bracket Aluminium-ally, for all 4pcs panels install on roof 10 Years 1 Set
Cable & Accessories FY-Cable 20meter 4mm^2 cables and MC4 connector 5 Years 1 Set
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  • Model: OFS1000W

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